Epiphany 2
January 14, 2001
John 2:2-11 
The First Miracle


Introduction:  This text is quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding texts. It has been read a numerous weddings. In this season of Epiphany, in which we see Jesus being manifest as the true Son of God let's see what He is able to do for you and me.  In this miracle of Jesus we find some practical lessons for our daily living.

1.      Like this couple invite Jesus.  There are numerous individuals mentioned in the passages of Holy Scripture.  This couple happens to be a nameless. We don't know who they are, and yet, by inference we can guess that this couple was close to Jesus. Who could they be?

It is interesting that Jesus, His mother, and His disciples are all invited to the wedding. Joseph is not mentioned and many Bible scholars suggest that he has since died.  When they run out of wine, Jesus' mother immediately runs to Jesus for help. As Jesus is Mary's oldest son, Mary would naturally turn to Him when there is a problem, especially if she had lost her husband.  Mary seems to be the one who has much to gain and much to loose at this wedding reception. It is safe to assume that Mary is the mother of either the bride or the groom. It could very well be that either the bride or the groom is a sibling of Jesus.  Mary and Joseph had other children. In the Gospel of Mark we read: "Is this not the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joseph, and Jude and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us?" {Mark 6:3}  Jesus had at least four half brothers, and at least two sisters! 

Regardless of who this couple might be, follow their example; invite Jesus. In some homes where there are young children present an extra place would be set at the dinner table to reinforce this important point. That place setting is reserved for Jesus. He is Immanuel, God with us. May He always be the ever-present yet unseen guest in your home. Invite Jesus!

2.      In life troubles will come. Challenges will come our way.  There will be "issues". A problem arose at the wedding reception. Mary tells Jesus: "they have no more wine".  Imagine the embarrassment, going to all the trouble of arranging and planning a wedding only to run out before the guests are ready to leave. 

In this case it was no more wine. What are the challenges and the troubles in your life, your family, and your marriage?  We all have them.  Engaged couples who look blindly into each other's eyes and say "our love will keep us warm" we say have unrealistic expectations! Some married folk are just as impractical if they deny that they have any challenges as well!

There will be differences of opinion. There will be issues that come up. There will be challenges and heartaches that will come to us - sometimes without warning. This couple did their best to plan for their reception and still the wine ran out!  We can do our best at planning well for our future and still there will be "things in our road" that pop up. Like Mary, address these issues. Do not deny them. It is not a sin to say, "this is a problem!"  They can not be helped until there are addressed.

3.      Like Mary, turn to Jesus and "do what He says". There can be no better advice then to heed the words of Mary. When they had no more wine she turned to Jesus. When we have issues, where there are challenges, when we are in trouble what do we do? We turn to Jesus and we do what He says. Jesus has given us His Word that He will never leave us and never forsake us. He has given us His Word of promise "I am with you always"!  There can be no better advice then to follow the words of May this day. As the Nike commercial suggests whatever Jesus says  "just do it"!

4.      Jesus gives the very best. Jesus commands the servants to take six stone water pots, containing twenty to thirty galleons each, to fill them to the brim with water and take them to the master of ceremonies. The water turns into wine and it is the very best. The master of ceremonies not knowing where the wine had come from, although the servants know full well where it came from says to the groom  - "you have chosen the better until now".  Jesus does not give us leftovers; He gives us the best.  He is the miracle worker. He chooses to give us only the best.  He did that at the cross and empty tomb when He suffered and died to bring us salvation. If He has done that for us will He not also give us exactly what we need?  Jesus can do none other then to give us the best. This is how He chooses to deal with us. He gives us the best. That is His promise to you today, tomorrow and forever!

5.      The purpose of the miracle -" the disciples put their faith in Him" This is the reason why Jesus gives us only the best. He does this so that we will put our faith and trust in Him. Daily He calls us to trust and follow Him. He has guaranteed that He will help us. He can do none other. Trust Jesus today. Honor Him, serve Him, and follow Him.

Conclusion:  John concludes his story by saying that this was only the first of Jesus' many miracles in which He manifested His glory.  Miracles continue to this very day.  Day by day He works His will in your life so that you can know that Jesus truly is the Savior of the world your one and only Redeemer. Jesus will continue to manifest Himself in your life that you can bank on. For Christ, the author of all happiness still works in the lives of people; Mary, the disciples, this couple and especially in your life. Today is the day for a miracle! Oh happy day! Amen.

+ Soli Deo Gloria+