Series B Pentecost 9
"Shepherdless Sheep"
August 13, 2000
Mark 6:33-34

Introduction: People are sometimes like sheep who blindly follow the first leader who comes down the pike. Sheep without a shepherd are unable to govern themselves nor are they able to reach a destination.

People have not changed very much from the time in which Jesus lived. People today run after fads, fashions and trends.   Consider for a moment the radio station in Ft. Wayne which plays only music from the 1970's. They are targeting an audience which grew up in the '70's but they are also aware that now is the time in which the trends and the fads of twenty years ago are coming back in style for a time and they are hoping to corner the market as long as they can. One can only hope that disco and leisure suits will not come back in the craze that they were found twenty years ago!

What people need today is direction for without a shepherd people can be easily aroused by rabble-rousers. People are simply subject to scares. Jesus was aware of this fact and saw the people of His day as shepherdless sheep. Seeing their con­dition Jesus felt sorry for them. Jesus has not changed in the way in which He treats you and me today.  Today, let us consider how Jesus affects people today who are sheep without a shepherd. People today are in need of a shepherd. Why?

1. They run after any leader.

Look at the world today and what do you see?  You see people being drawn to false leaders and false shepherds and false Christs right and left. In our world today people are asking to be lead. They want answers to their questions and direction for their lives. People today will follow anyone who shows that he or she cares and takes and understanding to them.

Where do you and I look for leadership today?  We look to the only one who can lead us, which is our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the One who has come into our world and our life to remove our sin. He says to you and me today "I am the way the truth and the life". He is the One who gives us direction in our life. He is the true leader for you and for me and for all time.

Transition: Just as people today will run after anyone- who promises to lead we see that without the proper leadership the people are lost. That is why people today need Jesus.

2. They gather in crowds  ("a great throng")

The people being left without a leader gathered together in crowds. They met together for safety and for self-identity.

Today, one of the social concerns we have in American cities and now even in rural areas is the increase in gang membership. Why do today's youth join a gang or associate with gang members?

The reason is that they are looking for identity. Consequently they join a group or a crowd where they find purpose and identity.

You and I have identity for we are united in Christ our good shepherd. In the Church, the body of Christ, you and I are kept safe and secure by our good shepherd Jesus Christ.  You and I do not need to join a group to find identity. Our identity is found in Jesus Christ.

Look around this morning and what do you see? The people here today are your family members in Jesus Christ. These are your brothers and sisters. Your true identity is found in Jesus Christ.

3. The people were without a chief or a head.

Who are the leaders of the world today? Possibly we live in a time of drifting for the simple reason that the world today has no true leaders or models.  Who is your leader? It can be none other then Jesus Christ. He is your chief your head. He is your Savior. He is you Lord and your God. May He direct you as none other can.

Conclusion: Jesus felt sorrow for people back then and even now. Today, are you in need of direction? Do you need a model, an example, and a good shepherd?  Have Jesus guide and lead you. He is your shepherd. He is your guide and stay through life. May He direct your life now and always. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

+ Soli Deo Gloria +