Zion-Friedheim Evangelical Lutheran Church

During this season of great anticipation, we are glad that you joined us as we search for the presence of God in our lives and in our world today.  Please help us know you by signing our guest registry, which can be found in either entranceway of the church.  If you are communing with us this morning, please take a moment to complete a communion registration card.  There are cards in either entranceway of the church.  The cards can be placed in the offering plate or given to one of the Deacons.  We welcome you to Friedheim and invite you to worship with us again soon.

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The Fourth Sunday in Advent
December 24, 2006
Children’s Service

“The Christmas Story – as witnessed by the Shepherds”

+ In Nomine Jesu +

Bulletin Table of Contents

The Pre-Service Music






The Welcome & Gathering of the Offerings





The Ringing of the Bell






The Opening Hymn

“Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful”

TLH #102




The Invitation to Worship





In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, (+) and of the Holy Ghost.






Unto us the Christ is born:


Oh, come, let us worship Him.




Let us worship with our children as they tell the story of His birth.


O Lord, open Thou my lips, and my mouth shall show forth Thy praise.




Let us worship with the angels and sing praise to the Lord who came to save us.


Glory to God on high, and on earth, peace, good will toward men.




Let us worship with the shepherds and tell all men about the Savior-Child.


Christ, the Lord our Savior, everlasting God and Mary’s son, we praise Thee evermore.  Amen.



The Prayer



The Recitations

Pre-K & Kindergarten



Children’s Songs

“In a Little Stable” & “Away in a Manger”



The Recitation


Grades 1 & 2




The Recitation

Mary & Joseph

Grades 3 & 4




The Congregational Hymn


Behold!  In gloomy stable stall
There lies the Ruler of us all;
Where once the hungry oxen fed
The virgin finds her Child a bed.


The Recitation

 The Shepherds

Grades 5 & 6

The Congregational Hymn “To Shepherds as They Watched by Night”

TLH #103




The Recitation The Angels

Grades 1-4

The Congregational Hymn “Angels from the Realms of Glory” TLH #136
The Recitation The Angels Grades 5-7
The Congregational Hymn “Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing”

TLH #94

The Recitation The Shepherds find the Christ Child Grade 7

The Congregational Hymn

TLH #85, v. 13

Ah! dearest Jesus holy Child,
Make Thee a bed soft undefiled,
Within my heart, that it may be
A quiet chamber kept for Thee.

The Prayers



O Lord,


Have mercy  upon us.




O Christ,


Have mercy upon us.




O Lord,


Have mercy upon us.




O Lord, let Your mercy be upon us:


As our trust is in Thee.




Hear my prayer, O Lord:


And let my cry come unto Thee.




The Lord be with you:


And with Thy Spirit.

The Congregational Hymn

“Silent Night! Holy Night”

TLH #646



The Benediction Verse


TLH #85, v. 15

Glory to God in highest heaven
Who unto us His Son hath given!
While angels sing with pious mirth
A glad new year to all the earth.




The Closing Hymn

“Joy to the World, the Lord is Come”

TLH #87


+  Soli Deo Gloria  +

We thank Ashtyn Freimuth, Jessica Linnemeier, and Cecelia Smith who shared their gift of instrumental music with us prior to the start of this morning’s service.

We pray the Lord’s blessings upon all who worship with us this morning and hear the story of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from the children of our congregation.  We invite you to return tomorrow morning, Christmas morning, for our special service of readings and carols.  Holy communion will be celebrated.  The service begins at 9 a.m.

May Christmas bring you gifts no money can buy—a patience that endures hardship; a courage that can face the worst; an insight that shall be all things spiritual; a love that touches God; a light that no darkness can dim! 

We remember our members who are celebrating birthdays this week—Randy Hockemeyer, Ed Miller, Oliver Gehres, Jason Miller, Carol Brandt, Elizabeth Kiefer, Angie Werling, Cindy Des Jean, Grayson Kaehr, and Emily Miller.  We also remember in our prayers our Wyneken childcare workers, Tami Schultz and Tammy Melcher, our Wyneken librarian, Gemila Rabel, Lisa Bills, who teaches, and Wava Lichtle, one of our Sunday School teachers.   May our loving Savior direct, bless, and guide their lives.

May the Great Physician grant health and strength to all who are in need of His healing hand.  We especially remember in our prayers Robin Pogue (Dick Hileman’s niece), Ilene Miller (sister of Jim & Jerry Bultemeyer and Rosie Bultemeier), who is undergoing tests, Guy Kukelhan (Dian Witte’s brother), Dale Boenker, (Shirley Buuck’s brother), who is undergoing tests, Larry Leininger (brother of Jean Timm), and Hildegard Kiefer, who is in extended care at Adams Memorial.

We rejoice with Marvin & Laurina Conrad who will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary this Wednesday, December 27.  May the Lord continue to bless this couple and remain at the center of their home.

The flowers on the altar are to the glory of God and in loving memory of Dawson Bultemeier, placed in church by his family.

We welcome into church membership Bill & JoAnn Baumann, who have transferred to us from Immanuel, Union.  (Bill is Sam Baumann’s brother.)  We pray the Lord’s blessings upon them in their new church home!

Included in this morning’s bulletin is our weekly study guide, “Time in the Word.”  This week’s theme is “The Savior has Come.”

When the Adult Bible Class resumes on January 7, we will continue looking at Bible stories from the Old Testament.  At that time we will look at the division of the kingdom.  The Lord had already warned the prophets that in requesting a king the people were ultimately rejecting Him.  This process had taken a long time to develop.  After festering for years, the nation will soon split apart never to be fully united again.  The end of a once proud nation will come although the final demise will not be realized for centuries. 

You are invited to our Christmas Day worship service at 9 a.m. on the 25th.  Holy Communion will be celebrated. 

Sunday School material has arrived for the next quarter and can be found in the Parish Hall on the safe.  Teachers, if you would like to look over this material before your January 7 class, you may pick it up at your convenience.

Tune in to the Lutheran Hour which airs on Sunday on WLW (700) out of Cincinnati at 7 a.m. and on Van Wert stations WERT (1220) and WKSD (99.7 FM) at 10:30 a.m.   The program is also broadcast at 8:05 a.m. on WZBD (92.7 FM) and then on WFCV (1090 AM) at 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Rev. Ken Klaus’ sermon will be “The Nativity of Our Christmas Day” from John 1:4-5.  Struggling with feelings of loneliness?  Desolation?  Hear the Message of Hope!

Have you ever tuned in to “Issues, Etc.” that airs LIVE on Sunday evenings from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. on WLYV (1450 AM) in Fort Wayne and on a tape-delay basis on Sunday evenings from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on WFCV (1090 AM) in Fort Wayne?  

We thank the Decorating Committee for the wonderful job they did in preparing our church for Christmas.  It is beautiful.  We also thank those who have placed poinsettias in church in memory of loved ones or in honor of loved ones.

In Memory of

Contributed by



Herman & Martha Bulmahn; Henry & Hannah Conrad & Irene Conrad

Willis Conrad family

Herman & Leonore Timm

Lowell Timm family

Helen Whitacre

Fred Geels family

Barbara Riemke

Jim & Fern Riemke

Arthur & Alma Boenker

Allen Buuck family

Our parents

Jim & Ann Crosby

Cliff & Margaret Kiefer

Sean & Betty Sielschott

Bill Fuhrman

The great-nieces & nephews



In Honor of

Contributed by



Our family

Willis & Marlene Conrad

Our grandchildren, Aubrey Kathleen Wagner & Maximus Lowell Timm

Lowell & Jean Timm

God’s marvelous gifts to us!

Dean & Cindy Wass

Our grandchildren

Jim & Evie Fuhrman

Our children

Sean & Betty Sielschott

There are several children who need to pick up pieces from their nativity sets   A few need to get pieces from last year’s set as well. The following individuals (or parents or grandparents of these children) need to see a member of the Nativity Set Committee (Deb Bergman, Lisa Kiess, Cindy Berning, or Amy Walker)—Becca Evans, Jacob Bickel, Elliot Gehres, Gabrielle Brandt, and Bailey Kaehr.   

The Trustees are taking bids for removing snow and ice from the steps and sidewalks.  (Volunteers have been taking care of the parking lot and so this portion will not be bid out.)  This bid is do as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the Trustees (Marc Lichtle, Chris Lichtle, J. D. Nidlinger, or Sean Sielschott).

Council Members:  The minutes from the December 5 Council Meeting and the Special Council Meeting of December 12 are in your slots in either entranceway of the church.  On the north side, the minutes for the Financial Secretary, Home Purpose Secretary, Elders, Trustees, Board of Education, and Deacons can be found.  In the south entranceway, minutes for Board of Stewardship, Board of Evangelism, Friedheim Foundation, Vice Chairman, Synodical Treasurer, and Deacons can be found.  Please pick up your minutes as you leave the services today.  The next Council meeting is Tuesday, January 2, at 8 p.m. in the church basement.

A Note from our Board of Finance:  We have been blessed with your first-fruit givings and our current on our bills.  We are running behind, however, in our Missions giving.  We are approximately $750 short of our yearly goal.  As the month of December comes to an end, please prayerfully consider this situation.  The Board would also like to remind members on how helpful it is if the offering envelopes are filled out correctly.  On the first line, the information asked for is the amount of your contribution, whether the gift is in the form of check or cash (you are to circle the appropriate word), and your personal contribution number.  If you don’t have your offering envelope number, you can contact a member of the Board of Finance or the church office to receive this information.  If paying by check, you may also want to include your check number in the upper right hand corner of the envelope.  We appreciate those who complete this information.  If you have a question, contact a member of the Board of Finance and they will be more than happy to help you.  Thanks!
Board of Stewardship’s Food for Thought – Scripture tells us that God doesn’t need our money, yet we have a need to give.  Although there are several reasons for giving, a very important reason should be to express our thanksgiving for our created and redeemed lives in Christ.  Giving shows our gratitude for the abundance that God gives to us.  When we give, we acknowledge that God owns everything.  Giving helps us put things in the right perspective.  In our faithful giving, we worship and honor the Lord.  In faith, we will want to give regularly, generously, and cheerfully.  Giving is an important part of our Christian life.

The Monday Night Adult Bible Class will not meet again until Monday, January 15.

The early-bird Bible class will not meet again until Tuesday, January 9.

The men’s basketball team has two games this week.  On Tuesday, December 26, they will play St. Mary’s at 8:00 p.m. and on Thursday, December 28, they face Cornerstone Church at 6 p.m. Both games are at Bellmont Middle School.

Are you curious about what types of items the Morning Glories sell and haven’t been able to make it to a show?  The craft room (1st and 2nd grade Sunday School room) is open today for you to get those last-minute gifts (following the worship service).  All items are marked and there is a book for you to write down your purchases and a box for you to place your money.  (Checks can be written to Zion Morning Glories.)  Take a moment to look over the rugs, blankets, potholders, stuffed animals, embroidered and crocheted items, wooden pieces, towels, cloth books, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree skirts, Christmas wall hangings, holiday decorations, and much more.

The Board of Stewardship is planning a game night on Sunday, January 28, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  The evening starts with a soup and sandwich supper at 5 p.m. and then games from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  What can you do?  First, come!!!  Second, some help would be nice with the food and games.  If you are willing to help, please contact a member of the Board—Kris Blomenberg (547-4673) or Davon Bultemeier (639-7365). 

The 2007 calendars provided by Zwick & Jahn Funeral Homes are in here and can be found in either entranceway of the church.  Pick up a calendar and take it home with you today!

The bags that the children’s Christmas treats are in were donated to us from Gerber’s in Decatur.  We thank them for this gift.

Attendance:  Sunday Worship Service – 332 with 220 receiving Holy Communion; Sunday School – 62; Early-bird Bible Class – 11; Midweek Advent Service - 87



Last Week’s Contributions

Home Purpose


Missions: Midweek 12/6 & 13

                Sunday, December 17



The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious. – Martin Luther

Wyneken News

SCRIP will be available at Wyneken after school on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as all day on Fridays once classes resume.  You may also purchase SCRIP after the worship service this morning by seeing Kim Weiland, our SCRIP representative.  You can E-mail Kim at kimw@sgiinc.com and place your SCRIP order. 

Market Day order forms are due back to the school office by Friday, January 5.  Internet orders are due by noon on Saturday, January 6.  (By ordering over the Internet (www.marketday.com), you will be eligible to win one of five Walt Disney World vacation packages that will be given away along with iPods, and Best Buy gift cards.)  Items may be picked up at Wyneken on Thursday, January 11, between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.  New items this month include buffalo chicken pizza ($9.99) and stuffed pork chops ($12.79).  Specials this month include pot roast ($12.89), French toast sticks ($4.99), ranch steaks ($12.49), ChicNSteakes ($12.69), chicken bacon ranch sandwich ($10.59), turkey burgers ($8.79), bacon slices ($10.49), blueberry muffins ($6.99), breakfast bundles ($10.49), chicken pot pie ($9.49), string cheese ($8.59), cheddar cheese Goldfish crackers ($5.69), heart cookie shapes ($8.99), bacon wrapped ranch steaks ($13.69), boneless pork chops ($10.59), breaded chicken breast patties ($11.59), chicken parmesan patties ($10.59), turkey steaks ($8.59), Gatorade kid-size variety pack ($15.49), creamy shrimp scampi ($12.99), home-style frozen biscuit dough ($6.89), cheese pizzas ($7.59), home-style gravy & beef tips ($12.39), chicken & dumpling soup ($9.49),  American cheese ($10.39), chocolate pudding cups ($6.49), pepperoni pizza eat-zzas ($7.69), funnel cakes ($6.59), chocolate chip cookie dough $5.59), breakfast burritos ($7.39), breakfast quesadillas ($9.69), turkey sausage links ($8.19), and beef ravioli ($8.59).  When ordering over the internet, you can also check out their clearance items.  There is also an insert to “Gear up for Game Day.”  Take a look at those specials when planning your Super Bowl parties.  You might also want to look at their new “naturals” food line—totally natural with no preservatives, no trans fats, and no artificial colors or flavors.  If you have any questions, you may contact Sharon Franke at 623-3992.

Don’t forget to save your box tops and Campbell’s labels and turn them in to school.  Please look at the expiration date on your Scott’s ABC’s for Education receipt and get them into school on a timely basis.  Scott’s ABC’s receipts with a December 31 expiration date are to be turned in to the school office by Friday, January 5.  Thanks!

Classes resume on Wednesday, January 3.

Wyneken will end the semester on Friday, January 12.  Report cards will be issued on Wednesday, January 17.  Wyneken will attend school on the 12th.  Those students riding North Adams busses will not have bus transportation to or from school that day.  Parents, please make arrangements to get your child to and from school on the 12th.  East Allen Schools will be closed on Monday, January 15,  (Martin Luther King Day).  Parents, you need to find transportation both to and from school that day.  (Don’t forget that if you are utilizing Wyneken’s Child Care for those days, to make arrangements prior to that day.  You can contact Tami Schultz at 639-6064.)  Thanks!

ISTEP results have been mailed.  If you don’t receive them by January 3, contact the school office.

Congratulations to Andy Blomenberg who was the 4th grade classroom winner in the Reader’s Digest Word Power Challenge.  Great job, Andy!

For those families who opted for the two-semester payment plan for their registration fees, the second semester payment is due on Monday, January 15.  Reminder letters were mailed last week.  You may mail in your payment or drop it off at the office.

The PTL has set the dates for the mother/daughter and father/son bowling/pizza events.  The ladies’ event is on Sunday, February 25; the guys, Sunday, April 22.  A sign-up sheet has been sent home with each child.  There are extras available in the office if needed.

The Wyneken Spelling Bee will b held on Thursday, January 11.

The “Lost & Found” box is a growing collection of clothing items (and even a couple pairs of shoes!).  Parents, when at the school, you may wish to look through this box to see if you find any familiar articles!  Thanks!

The faculty and staff of Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School wish you a very Merry Christmas and God’s blessings in the New Year!  Remember the Reason for the Season!

Sporting News

We are seeing more and more incidents of unsupervised children at Wyneken’s sporting events.  Parents are reminded that children are to be supervised at all times while at home and away sporting events.  Under no circumstances should children be allowed to play under the bleachers or in the hallways or restrooms.  Your children are to remain with you in the gym.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Information wasn’t available concerning any games or practices over the Christmas break.     The Heritage Feeder Tournament will be held over break.  The girls will play between Christmas and New Year’s but game times weren’t available.  The boys’ tournament will be held on Tuesday, January 2.    We do have the bracket for the varsity teams.  The 7th graders will play the Heritage 8th graders at 9 a.m. on Court 1 while the 8th grade team will face Flatrock’s 7th & 8th “B” team at noon on Court 1.  Second round games are scheduled for 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. with the championship game to be held at 2 p.m.  Make sure you get information about the other games from your young athlete.



9:00 a.m. Children’s Worship Service


8:00 p.m. Christmas Day Worship Service with Holy Communion   
TUESDAY 8:00 p.m. Men’s basketball @ Bellmont Middle School


6:00 p.m.

Men’s basketball @ Bellmont Middle School


9:00 a.m. New Year’s Eve Worship Service


December 31

9:00 a.m.

Worship Service with Holy Communion            

January 2 7:00 p.m. Elders’ Meeting
  7:30 p.m. Trustees’ Meeting
  8:00 p.m. Council Meeting
January 3 All Day Tabea Society
  8:20 a.m. Chapel @ Wyneken
January 4 9:00 a.m. LWML Bible Class @ Ann Crosby’s

Attitude Toward Generosity

Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort, than to be comforted—to understand, than to be understood—to love, than to be loved—for it is by giving that one receives. – St. Francis of Assisi

The Cross in the Manger

Ø      If there is no cross in the manger, there is no Christmas.

Ø      If the baby Jesus doesn’t become the adult Christ, there is no Bethlehem star.

Ø      If there is no commitment in us, there are no wise men searching.

Ø      If we offer no cup of cold water, there is no gold, no frankincense, no myrrh.

Ø      If there is no praising God’s name, there are no singing angels.

Ø      If there is no spirit of wonder, there are no shepherds watching.

Ø      If there is no standing up, no speaking out, no risk, there is no flight into Egypt.

Ø      If there is no room in our inn, then our wishes of Merry Christmas mock the Christ child, the holy family is just a holiday card, and God will loathe our feasts and festivals.

Ø      If there is no reconciliation, we cannot call Christ the Prince of Peace.

Ø      If there is no goodwill toward others, it can all be packed away in boxes for another year.

Ø      If there is no forgiveness in us, there is no cause for celebration.

Ø      If we cannot go even now unto Golgotha, there is no Christmas in us.

Ø      If Christmas is not now, if Christ is not born into the everyday present, then what is all our noise and celebration about?                                         --- Ann Weems

The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us

He was light
     coming into a world of darkness.

He was love
     coming into a world of hate.

He was life
     coming into a world of corruption.

He was peace
     coming into a world of strife.

He was bread
     coming into a world of hunger.

He was water
     coming into a world of thirst.

He was righteousness
     coming into a world of sin.

He was hope
     coming into a world of defeat.

He was God
     coming into a world of humanity.

The Lutheran Hymnal midi files copyright © 1998 Rev. Richard Jordan, used by permission