Zion-Friedheim Evangelical Lutheran Church

We welcome all who worship with us. If you are visiting us this morning, please take a moment to sign one of our guest registries which are located in either entrance way of the church. Please worship with us again soon.
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Epiphany 3
January 21, 2001

+ In Nomine Jesu +

Order of Worship Page 15
The Choir "Within Your Shelter"
Hymns  TLH  #127; #409; #129; #126; #132; & #128
The Readings The Purpose Of Your Life
Isaiah 61:1-6 Isaiah's purpose in life is to bring good news
1 Corinthians 12:12-21 & 26-27 By the Spirit Christians are members of one body
Luke 4:14-21 Jesus finds His purpose in Isaiah's words

"Redemption & Release"
Luke 4:14-21

1. The poor in spirit find freedom in the Gospel 
2. Captives to sin find release in Christ
3. Those blinded by sin find sight through the light of Christ
4. Those oppressed by sin find liberty in Christ

The Acolyte David Mourey



As the first Christians devoted themselves to the Lord's Supper, they also devoted themselves to the Apostles' Doctrine (Acts 2:42).   The two went hand in hand.  As we devote ourselves to the Lord's Supper today, we also want to be faithful to the Apostles' Doctrine.  For this reason, the church of the Missouri Synod promise to practice closed communion.  Guests desiring to commune are therefore kindly asked to speak with the pastor before the service.  


May the Great Physician grant health and strength to all who are in need of His presence in their lives.  We especially remember in our prayers, Andy Buuck, who is recuperating at home.

We remember our members celebrating birthdays this week -- Edwin Werling, Mark Wiite, Carol Hitzfield, John Nidlinger, Jr., Tom Brandt, Helen Erxleben, Craig Linnemeier, Caleb Buuck, Marilyn Buuck, Marc Lichtle, & Alex Weiland.   We also remember our 8th grade teacher at Wyneken, Yvonne Schwantz, as well as Shelly Kiefer, one of our Sunday School teachers, in our prayers.  May the Lord continue to guide, direct, and bless their lives.

Our first year fieldworker, Mark Sedwick's coast guard unit, has been activated this past week Mark will be on patrol in the Persian Gulf for the next three months.  We wish him godspeed and pray the Lord's protection upon him while he is absent from us.

Included in this morning's bulletin is a study guide ("Time in the Word") for this week.  Please take a few moments each day to go over this information.  The theme for the week is "The Purpose of Your Life".

Listen to  The Lutheran Hour.  The show airs on Sunday on WLW (700) out of  Cincinnati at 7:00 a.m. and on Van Wert stations WERT (1220) and WKSD (99.7 FM) at 10:30 a.m.  The program can also be heard on Sunday at 8:05 a.m. on WBZD (92.7 FM) and at  3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on WFCV (1090).  

Please plan on attending the Annual Meeting after the worship service Today.

ATTENTION:  The  LYF will be having a spaghetti dinner after the Annual  Meeting, Today.   Please plan on attending and support our youth.

The men's basketball team is playing Monday, January 22 at 8:00p.m. versus Pleasant Mills at Monmouth.

Please take time to look at the bulletin insert concerning the Lutheran Bible Institute.  The classes for this year's LBI begin on Tuesday, January 23 at 7:30p.m. and registration is at 7:00p.m.

Newsletter items are due in the church office on Thursday, January 25.

The LYF will have their monthly meeting in the back of church after the worship service next Sunday, January 28; the upcoming ski trip will be our main item of discussion.

ATTENDANCE:  Sunday Worship Service  - 271;  Adult Bible Class - 23; Sunday School - 616; Monday Night Bible Class - 7; Early Bird Bible Class - 8.

Wyneken News

The Wyneken PTL will be sponsored Mother/Son Night Out was a big success; 100 people joined us.  Thank you for supporting this activity. 

The PTL is sponsoring a Father/Daughter Dance on Friday, February 16.  An organizational meeting will take place on Thursday, January 25 at 7:00p.m. at Wyneken.  Please call Linda Kleine at 639-3749, if you cannot attend the meeting, but would like to help.

Market Day order forms are due in the school office by Tuesday, January 23;  internet orders by noon on Wednesday, January 31.  Included in this month's form is a special pizza brochure; if Wyneken sells 300 pizzas, the school will receive additional profits in excess of $1,000.00.  This would be only 2 boxes per Wyneken family, and any extra orders would be an extra benefit. 

See Kris Blomenberg, after the worship service today if you wish to purchase SCRIP.   Thank you to everyone that participates in this worthwhile program.


The varsity girls 8th grade team's tournament will begin today, Sunday, January  21, at 1:30p.m. at Wyneken versus Woodburn. 

The varsity boys 8th grade teams tournament will begin on Monday, January 22;  please contact a player for game time and location.

The varsity girls and boys 7th grade teams will play at St. Peter/Immanuel on Tuesday, January 23, at Wyneken; the girl's game will be at 4:30p.m. with the boys' game following at 5:45p.m.

The 5th and 6th grade girls  and boys will be playing St. John on Thursday, January 25, at Wyneken; the girls will play at 4:15p.m. with the boy's game following at 5:30p.m.

The varsity girls and boys 7th grade teams will play in a tournament at St. Peter/ Immanuel, on Saturday, January 27; please contact a player for game times. 


Amount Received

Amount Needed

Home Purpose




$216.00  $365.38

YTD Received

YTD Needed
Home Purpose $9,607.98 $10,440.00
Missions $938.00 $730.76
Memorial monies collected for Concordia Seminary $172.00


TODAY 9:00 A.M.

Worship Service with Holy Communion

10:30 A.M. Sunday School & Bible Class
10:30 A.M. Voters Assembly Annual Meeting
after meeting LYF Spaghetti Dinner 
MONDAY 7:00 P.M. Adult Bible Class
8:00 P.M. Men's Basketball @ Monmouth
TUESDAY 6:00 A.M. Early-bird Bible Class  
9:00 A.M. Morning Glories
7:00 P.M. Registration for Lutheran Bible Institute @ Zion, Decatur
7:30 P.M. Lutheran Bible Institute Classes Begin
WEDNESDAY 8:20 A.M. Chapel @ Wyneken  
7:00 P.M. Choir
THURSDAY 9:00 A.M. LWML Bible Class @ Doris Conrad's
Newsletter Articles Due in Church Office


January 28 9:00 A.M.

Worship Service with Holy Communion

10:30 A.M. Sunday School & Bible Class
10:30 A.M. LYF Meeting
January 29 7:00 P.M. Adult Bible Class
8:00 P.M. Men's Basketball @ Monmouth
January 30 6:00 A.M. Early-bird Bible Class  
9:00 A.M. Morning Glories
7:30 P.M. Lutheran Bible Institute Classes Begin
January 31 8:20 A.M.

Chapel @ Wyneken

7:00 P.M. Choir
February 1 9:00 A.M. LWML Bible Class 

The Lutheran Hymnal midi files copyright 1998 Rev. Richard Jordan, used by permission