Zion-Friedheim Evangelical Lutheran Church

We welcome all who worship with us. If you are visiting us this morning, please take a moment to sign one of our guest registries which are located in either entrance way of the church. Please worship with us again soon.

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Pentecost 16

September 12, 1999

+ In Nomine Jesu +

Order of Worship

Page 32


TLH #373 vv.1-2; #373 vv.3-5; 373 vv.6-7

The Readings

Christian Obligations to Sinners
Ezekial 33:7-9 The Obligation to Warn Sinners
Romans 13:1-10 The Obligation to Exhort Sinners
Matthew 18:15-20 The Obligation to Reconcile Sinners

The Sermon

"Living in Two Kingdoms"
     Romans 13: 1-10

1. We Recognize Governmental Officials as Ministers of the God"
2. We Obey the Laws of the State Out of Love"

The Accolyte

Chelsae Armao



We remember those members who are celebrating birthdays this week -- Bethany Evans, Jerry Kock, Dennis Werling, Andrew Blomenberg, Beth Blomenberg, Megan Schamerloh, Mike Werling, Brett Hormann, Erin Lengerich, Marvin Stoppenhagen, and Marlin Kiedel. We also remember in our prayers this morning the following teachers-- our public school teacher, Toney Bergman, and the resource room teacher of our Wyneken School, Sarah May. We also remember all Grandparents on this Grandparents Day, who give time and talents tirelessly to their families in our prayers. May the Lord continue to guide, direct, and bless their lives.

We remember in our prayers this morning Georgianna Alvarez (Addy Schuller's sister) who is at the University Hospital at Ohio State recovering from burns, Roberta Bergman (mother of Toney Bergman) and Marvin Stoppenhagen, who both had surgery this past week. May the Great Physician grant health and strength to them and all who are in need of His presence in their lives.

We extend best wishes and prayers to Erin Hormann and Ryan Lengerich who were united in matrimony at the Lord's Altar last evening. May the Lord bless this couple as they begin their lives together.

Instead of hoping for secular morality to save us, we need to rediscover God's Word as King Josiah did. Hear Dr. Schultz's message, "Rediscovering God's Word,"" on The Lutheran Hour. The show airs on WOWO at 7:35 a.m. (8:05 a.m. on 92.7 FM) on Sunday.

Lutheran Hour Ministries sponsors the "Woman to Woman" program. It can be heard on WLAB (88.3 FM) at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday or 11:00 a.m. on WLYV (1450 AM) on Sunday. Listen to next week's program, "To Err is Human...But Now What?", Hurt, betrayal, guilt. Can we ever be free and "wipe the slate clean?" Guests discuss forgiveness and reconciliation in light of the celebration of Yom Kippur.

Produce of all kinds are needed for our Cornfusion produce market. We are open through the week as well as on weekends. Bring your produce to the "Cornfusion" sight. Place it in the cooler wagon or on the tables. Call Teri Conrad (724-8464), if you have any questions.

Just a reminder "Cornfusion" helpers are still needed for the days in September and October. Contact any member of the staffing committee (Ron or Bonnie Buuck, Les or Karen Conrad, Don or Shirley Gehres, or Delmar or Joyce Heckman), if you can help.

The "Cornfusion" food committee would welcome contributions of the following items: Hot Dogs; Hamburgers; Cash; Buns-( Hot Dog & Hamburger).

Contact any committee member -- Tami Stoppenhagen (728-9101), Kris Blomenberg (547-4673), Evie Fuhrman (639-3158), Dorothy Heckman (547-4497), Janice Buuck (432-9039) & Joy Erxleben (547-4139); they would also be willing to pick up your donation. Thanks in advance for your help.

Parents of College Students: As your student leaves for that dorm room or off-campus housing, please don't forget to give the church office his or her campus address, phone number, and E-mail address. This information will be published in the newsletter for others to be able to contact your student as well as being able to send the newsletter and other information to them.

Treasurer's Report for September 1, 1999

Checking Balance, August 1, 1999 $ 1,265.76
Income for August 1999 $ 17,275.21
Expenses for August 1999 $ 18,442.33
Checkbook Balance, August 31, 1999 $ 98.64

Estimated Expense for September

Van Dyne Crotty $ 40.54
Electricity $ 143.00
Telephone $ 91.00
Salaries $ 4,728.00
Students $ 40.00
Radio $ 15.00
Social Security & Medicare $ 318.12
Postage $ 78.00
Remainder of Wyneken Payment - August $ 600.00
Wyneken Payment - September $ 10,721.25
Loan Payment at Decatur Bank & Trust $ 300.00
Worker Benefit Health Plan $ 663.00
Total Expenses $17,737.91
Total Needed to Meet September Expenses: $17,639.27

Missions as of August 31, 1999 - Short Approximately $2,204.25

Loan at Decatur Bank & Trust: $7,783.16

St. John Lutheran Church--Flatrock is having their fall rummage sale on Friday, September 24th from 8a.m.-4p.m. and Saturday, September 25th from 8a.m.-Noon. Items are $2.00 a bag on Saturday.

ATTENDANCE: 7:30am Worship Service 64 - Holy Communion-47; 9:00am Worship Service 201 - Holy Communion-114; Adult Bible Class-14; Early Bird Bible Class-8

Wyneken News

The first meeting of the school year for our Wyneken PTL will be held on Tuesday, September 14th at 7:00p.m. All parents are encouraged to attend the meeting and see how our PTL works for our school. The 8th graders will provide child-care during the meeting for a $1.00 per child fee.

The Athletic Boosters are looking for donations of pop to sell at the concession stands for the home volleyball and soccer games. Also, if you can help out working the stand, please sign the volunteer sheet posted outside the school office. Check the Wyneken Sports Calendar in your September ZIONEWS for Volleyball and Soccer Game Schedules.

To kick off another SCRIP year, It is Contest Time Again! Beginning Today through Friday, September 17th, we will have another SCRIP class competition. The class, which sells the most certificates during this week, will win a class Pizza Party! Contact Kris Blomenberg this morning if you wish to purchase SCRIP or have questions about the program. SCRIP certificates will also once again be available for purchase after school on Fridays.


Amount Received

Amount Needed

Home Purpose

$4,068.43 $5,010.16


$441.00 $348.15

YTD Received

YTD Needed

Home Purpose

$137,340.20 $180,365.76


$10,422.00 $12,533.40



9:00 A.M.

Worship Service

Noon to 6:00 P.M.

Cornfusion Open


7:00 P.M. Adult Bible Class


6:00 A.M.

Early Bird Bible Class @ Bingen

9:00 A.M. Morning Glories
9:30 A.M. Decatur Circuit Pastors Mtg. @ Friedhiem

7:00 P.M.

Wyneken PTL Meeting

All Day

Tabea Society, Extra Quilting

7:00 P.M.

Choir Practice

9:00 A.M.

LWML Bible Class @ Dorothy Heckman's

Noon to Dusk

Cornfusion Open        


September 19

9:00 A.M. Worship Service w/Holy Communion
10:30 A.M. Sunday School (Rally Day)
10:30 A.M. Adult Bible Class

Noon to 6:00 P.M.

Cornfusion Open        
September 20 7:00 P.M. Open House at Wyneken
September 21 6:00 A.M. Early Bird Bible Class @ Bingen
9:00 A.M. Morning Glories
September 22

7:00 P.M.

Choir Practice
September 23

9:00 A.M.

LWML Bible Class
September 24

October Newsletter Items Due
September 25

Noon to Dusk

Cornfusion Open